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We create games for the whole family....even your drunk Uncle Ted!

We design award winning games that haven't won any awards yet!

Shane Cooper
Shane is the premiere artist of 1x5 Games, and has been subjected to supplying artwork for Nut Punch! While he enjoys doodling our favorite protagonist, Willy, we decided to give him a break and asked him to update the pilots for our upcoming game; Clunkers.
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Contact Shane
If you want to see more of Shane's personal projects (and maybe some future 1x5 Games super secret games) you can follow him here: Facebook
Here: Instagram
And you can always e-mail him directly at:
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Shannon Sproule
Shannon dabbles in a wide variety of art, but his LEGO skills have always wowed us. We reached out to our good friend to design the original ships in Clunkers. Though we've tweaked them a bit, it's still easy to see his vision shine through.
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Contact Shannon
You can get in touch with Shannon and enjoy his works here: Pinterest
Here: Flickr
and e-mail:
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Jenna Mauro
Jenna supplied the original concept art for the Clunker Pilots. Though we decided to change them a bit, and go in a slightly different direction, her contributions were instrumental to the development of Clunkers and the play testing required.
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Contact Jenna
Jenna is an active artist. You can find her work on her Website
And here on Instagram
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Skully is the face and voice of 1x5 Games. He's our lovable pirate mascot who loves to do general pirate things....drinking, looting, cursing...ya know, a typical teenager.
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Contact Skully
You can find Skully through multiple avenues. Facebook
Board Game Geek
E-mail: skully@1x5games
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Matt Rowntree
Matt is the artistic half of the duo, and helps to bring the vision of the team to fruition. Without his help, Heath would be feeding you block chart versions of the games.
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Contact Matt
The best way to contact Matt is by contacting Skully, but if you want to stalk him, you can find him here on Flickr
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Heath Flor
The main developer/designer for 1x5 Games, Heath can usually be found with a cold beer and a whisky in his hands. His dilemma is always trying to decide which to put down to write down his notes.
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Contact Heath
Heath prefers to stay on the DL, but if you want to be a creeper and check out his LEGO projects you can find him here Flickr
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