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Washed ashore in the macadam deserts and aluminum wastes suburban desertification had taken from the Great Dismal Swamp in the commonwealth of Virginia, the child that would later be known as Shane Cooper wasn’t so much raised as babysat in oppressively Machiavellian soap opera filled or library-silent-but-for-the-single-ticking-clock extra rooms of apathetic hausfraus.  One way he found to survive was to draw.  It was quiet, which pleased the hausfraus and it allowed him to imagine better stories than the one he was living. 

            In the days when King Michael ruled Pop and Reagan governed America, Shane came to the verdant forests and pastoral farmlands that had been scraped away in suburban desertification to make way for the macadam deserts and vinyl wastes of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   There he was taught that people who like to draw silly cartoons and comic book characters might be able to make a living as architects.  So instead he got married, had kids, settled down in a moldy, dilapidated, uninsulated former summer cottage and learned to build, repair and renovate the McMansions that make up the suburban wastes.  But when time permits, he still likes to draw and write stories and he’s desperately trying to learn to love the story he’s living.

Welcome aboard!

You have been selected from a comprehensive collection of dossiers because of your abilities and talents to extract precious minerals from asteroids while incurring low costs.  We here at Ubiquidyne Industries find your profit margins exceptional and have recruited you to mine this highly profitable, and sadly unstable, quadrant to take advantage of the valuable resources available here. 

Your goal is to work together to bring back the elements mined from the asteroids to fulfill the individual missions.  We have taken a big risk in mining this area, but we feel that you have proven that you can get the biggest bang for your buck with your…  Well, let’s be honest here, Clunker.  We understand that your shoestring budget affords you higher margins to which we greatly admire and appreciate, and we here at Ubiquidyne Industries wish you all the best in achieving your goals!

And all our profits.

May the dark be kind to you!


About Clunkers

Clunkers is a strategic co-op game for 2-5 players: Hop into your Clunker spaceship, and hope to hell the duct tape holds fast while you explore deep space, dodge space police and evil pirates, and mine Asteroids for the richest corporations back on planet Earth. But Space is a fickle mistress, and the activities your team are involved in are making her upset! Work together to complete your missions before space collapses in on you all!



Raphael Barocas
Victor Barocas
Emily Carr
Eva Carr
Michael Carr
Morgan Carr
Christopher Chu
Karen Corry
Alec Edstrom
Caelin Flor
Kairi Flor
Charles Heredia
John Heredia
Nathan Hippe
Alex Lee
Michael Legris
Conner Lill
Steve Lill
Michael Matyas
Adam Myers
Dennis "Deathdog" Price
Evan Warriner
Zach Warriner
Michael Wielebski
Xavier Wielebski