About the game:

Nut Punch! is a fast-paced card game aimed at drunken and juvenile delinquents at heart. With its easy to learn gameplay, even the most inebriated person can join in on the fun!

A mix between trick taking and the card game War, Nut Punch! is geared towards quick rounds so no one is out of the game longer than it takes to make a fresh round of drinks.

Developed by a former Marine with fellow Marines in mind, Nut Punch! is the perfect game to accommodate bored Marines/Corpsmen/Sailors/Soldiers/Airmen/Coasties/etc. out on deployment; whether it’s on the Ship, or in the field!

Key Features

  • Easy to learn, with fast gameplay.
  • Comical cards keep the laughs going.
  • Team up on each other to make more Frenemies.
  • Nut Punch Willy instead of your friends.
  • With fast rounds, no one is out of the game for too long.
  • Unique character and card designs; featuring art by Shane Cooper, and Matt Rowntree.
  • Game design by Heath Flor and Matt Rowntree


Special Thanks

1x5 Games would like to thank the following people for playtesting, reviewing, and/or supporting Nut Punch!

First and foremost we'd like to thank the artist Shane Cooper for providing a million laughs, and being an absolute pleasure to work with...looking forward to many more projects in the future!!

Of course we can't forget our wives for putting up with our shit: Linda Rowntree and Amber Flor!

Big shout-out to our favorite local game store for also putting up with our shit: Second Star Games!

And who can forget Heath's kids (AKA The Littles) for their comical pop-ups in our YouTube videos, and playtesting the game to death! Caelin Flor (AKA DogeCatMaster), Kairi Flor, and Nathan Hippe!

Other Playtesters

Attendees at Arizona Game Fair (Coming up in March 2019)
Sandy Betz
Michael Carr
John Filmonchik
John Payne
Bill Hogan and family
Steve and Conner Lill
Shawn White